Mr Zhang ZhenQi 张振齐 was born in July 1948 in Chongqing.

He is currently the deputy director and researcher of the Institute of Chinese Traditional Art and Peking University, the art director of the Chinese Academy of Arts of the Chinese Academy of Arts, the art director of the Zhang Daqian Art Research Institute of China, the famous connoisseur, collector, literary critic, writer and calligrapher.

In 1979, after winning the award winning film script for filmmaking, he was transferred to the Literary Federation from the grassroots level to work as a literary editor. He was once the editor of “Young Writers” and the associate editor of “Customs”. Due to the working relationship, he has contacted a large number of literary and artistic works. In his spare time, on the one hand, is a collection of masterpieces of ancient and modern masters; on the one hand more than reading, and use his spare time actively engaged in the creation of short stories and film scripts.

Mr. Zhang Zhenqi love painting and calligraphy, painting and calligraphy attainments in the industry by many praise.